• "Frightfully Fun."
  • "The Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour is a 75-minute spooky walk though Old City, including the Benjamin Rush House and Old Pine Street Church and Cemetery."
  • "Visit more than 20 scary sites to hear Philadelphia's haunted facts & folklore during this 75-minute outdoor walking tour."
  • "After dark in the historic Library Hall in Philadelphia, the statue of Benjamin Franklin is said to quiver and dance. Join this 75-minute walking tour of more than 20 sites in downtown Philadelphia, including haunted cemeteries and buildings like Independence Hall and Carpenters' Hall, and you may see one of America's founding fathers come back to life."
  • "Behold! Other scares in Philly!"
    "Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour. This 75-minute walking tour covers more than 20 haunted historic sites in downtown Philadelphia with both facts and folklore."
  • "The Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour is a walking tour throughout Historic Philadelphia that will take you to 20 different historic and scary sites to hear about haunted facts and folklore...You'll hear tales about Edgar Allan Poe who of course used to reside in Philadelphia and you'll learn about Leo Callahan, the only prisoner to escape from Eastern State Penitentiary (another very scary place in the area) who escaped and he never was recaptured....And also you get a light stick if you are scared."
  • "Well who does not like doesn't love to hear a spooky ghost story during Halloween? Your Morning's Spooktacular continues with some haunting stories about the Spirits of '76 in Philadelphia."
  • Join the Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour, a 75-minute walk to more than 20 historic and, supposedly, haunted sites, including Carpenters' Hall and Pine Street.

  • Spirits of '76 - Night-time walking tours with guides who carry lanterns and dress in black are among the city's most popular tourist attractions.
  • Spooktacular (but educational) times are sure to ensue on Philadelphia's newest ghost tour, which visits 15 scary sites around Old City.
  • If Betsy Ross is too tame for you, then the Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour featuring terrifying tales from Philadelphia may be more to your liking... More than 15 frights and sights are highlighted on the 75-minute walking adventure.
  • The Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour kicked off this week... Topics will include author Edgar Allan Poe, who lived part of his life in Philadelphia, and Leo Callahan, the only prisoner to successfully escape Eastern State Penitentiary.